Ultimate Battery Power On the Go for
Lightning and USB Devices with Incorporated Stand

Recharge 12000
Recharge 12000

Dual Port Charging with Incorporated Stand and Cable

The Recharge 12000 is the ultimate on the go USB battery charger. Featuring our biggest power rating yet – a high quality 12000mAh lithium polymer battery cell - the Recharge 12000 will cater for all your charging needs at home or on the go, meaning you can watch movies, play games or listen to your favourite songs for longer.

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Two USB ports for simultaneous charging

2.4A charging port for tablets such as iPad

Four stages of electrical protection

Recharge 12000
Recharge 12000

Incorporated Stand

The Recharge 12000 has a really smart incorporated Stand for all your devices. Just lift the magnetised lid and you can place a iPad, Tablet, iPhone or Smartphone horizontally, ideal for watching movies or playing games with a separate controller. If your devices is running low on power, connect the supplied charging cable and plug it in to charge on the go.

Recharge 12000

Integrated Cable

One of our most innovative features, yet such a simple idea – keeping a full length USB charging cable integrated into the device so you never leave it behind!

Swap the Micro USB and the Lightning Cable around depending on what device you want to charge. If you need both, you can  keep extra cables stored in the Neoprene pouch supplied.

Lightning Connector

We strive to ensure you receive the highest quality components and materials. We guarantee that all our Lightning Connector Cables are certified by Apple and are manufactured to the highest level of quality.

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Recharge 12000


Connect and charge virtually any two rechargeable USB devices at the same time

Provides six charges for iPhone 6, three and a half charges for iPhone 6 Plus and four charges for medium smartphones

One and a half full charges for an iPad Mini or one full charge for an iPad Air

Recharge 12000

Recharge 12000:

Great style
and Great Design

The Recharge 12000 is available in a smooth satin/matt finish and is delivered ready for use straight out of the box.

With enough power for your iPhone 6 or your iPad Mini, The Recharge 12000 is still compact enough to fit in a coat pocket.

Recharge 12000

Power at the
Push of a Button

Connect your device to the Recharge 12000, push the button and start charging. It's that simple! The bright LED lights indicates the charge level of the Recharge device.

One socket is rated at 2.1A making it ideal for tablets such as iPad and iPad mini and another socket is rated at 1.0A for smartphones, GPS, gaming controllers.



• Recharge 12000 Dual Port Charging Unit


• USB 2.0 Charger Connection Cable


• Lightning to USB 2.0 Charger Connection Cable


• Neoprene Travel Case for Protection of Recharge 12000 Whilst Travelling


• Instruction Manual


Recharge 12000 pack
Recharge 12000


Built with your safety in mind. Designed with class leading protection. Tested to extremes.

Each Recharge design is tested through 400 cycles of charge and discharge. 400 cycles equates to charging your phone once a week for over 7 years!

PROTECTIVE CASING: Designed and tested to withstand the international UL1642 crush and shock tests.

SURGE PROTECTION: Built-in protection against voltage surges.

OVER-HEAT PROTECTION: Built-in protection against over-heating damage.

OVER-CHARGE PROTECTION: Built-in monitoring protects against voltages exceeding the maximum limit.

INTELLIGENT CURRENT DETECTION: Built-in calculation of the correct current for your device protects against voltage damage.

The Recharge range also complies with CE, CEC, FCC, RoHs, ETL, MFi, REACH and WEEE certifications and accreditations where applicable.

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