Solutions for Charging USB & Lighting Devices
on the Move

Recharge 4000


These days we seem to be taking more and more electronic gadgets with us wherever we go.

We want to walk in the hills or spend time fishing by the lake but we also want to stay in touch!

Now you can.

Recharge - Power on the move.

recharge range

Solutions for Hikers

Double your adventure and double your fun. The Recharge 4000 will let you spend twice as long listening to your favourite tunes on your iPod while you burn up the miles underfoot.

And you'll not miss photogaphing that wonderfull sunset with your iPhone as the Recharge 4000 will double your phone's battery life too.

Don't worry about having to lug heavy equipment around with you; the Recharge 4000 is so light and small it'll slip easily in to your pocket and you'll never know it's there - until you need it, that is!

Recharge 4000 - Battery Power On the Go.

Solutions for Concert Goers

Make sure you've got a lift home and stay in touch with the outside world with a double charge for your iPhone.

We all know the story; you're getting down, enjoying the vibes and you soon loose track of whether your phone is charged. Maybe it's a weekend concert and you don't want to pay the fee most rechargeing boots leavy or it's just not convienient to get a charge at night.

Never fear, the ultra portable Recharge 2600 will give your iPhone enough charge to keep you in touch with that all important ride home. Oh, and while you're talking to mum - get her to bring a plastic bag for the muddy Wellington's.

Recharge 2600 - Recharge at Home and On the Go.

recharge range
recharge range

Solutions for Fishing

It's great to get away from it all, relax by a lake and maybe, just maybe, the fish will be biting for once. But if they don't you can still while away the time with a dose of gaming magic on your iPhone. Ha! Not if the battery's flat!

But we've got your back, Jack. The Recharge 12000 will charge your iPhone up to 6 times, slips easily in to your fishing jacket pocket and even charges your mate's phone at the same time!

Six charges! That's covers a lot of waiting for the fish to bite.

Recharge 12000 - Power Your USB Devices Anywhere

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