Designed for Apple Watch

Recharge 10000
Recharge 1000

Apple Watch Dock
and Charge Stand

Designed as a charging rest for the Apple Watch on a desk or bedside table, Recharge Watch Dock works with Nightstand mode to display the Apple Watch screen at a user-friendly ergonomic viewing angle.

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Recharge 1000


Rest your 38mm or 42mm Apple Watch on the precision cast metal body

View the watch face from the ergonomic viewing angle

Non-slip feet for secure positioning

Recharge 10000

Power Recharge while You Sleep

Simply fit the Apple Watch Magnetic Charging cable into the charging seat, place the Apple Watch on the rest and connect the charging cable to a compatible USB power adapter to charge.

Recharge Watch Dock Features

• Precision cast metal body

• Secure charger seating

• Ergonomic viewing angle

• Silicone Watch seat

• Non-slip feet

• Cable channel

• Suitable for both Watch sizes (38mm, 42mm)

• 2-year warranty

Recharge 1000
Recharge 1000 pack



• Recharge Watch Dock Charging Unit

• User Instructions

(Watch and Magnetic Charging cable not included)


Recharge 10000


Built with your safety in mind. Designed with class leading protection. Tested to extremes.

Each Recharge design is tested through 400 cycles of charge and discharge. 400 cycles equates to charging your phone once a week for over 7 years!

PROTECTIVE CASING: Designed and tested to withstand the international UL1642 crush and shock tests.

SURGE PROTECTION: Built-in protection against voltage surges.

OVER-HEAT PROTECTION: Built-in protection against over-heating damage.

OVER-CHARGE PROTECTION: Built-in monitoring protects against voltages exceeding the maximum limit.

INTELLIGENT CURRENT DETECTION: Built-in calculation of the correct current for your device protects against voltage damage.

The Recharge range also complies with: CE, FCC, RoHs, MFi Certifications and REACH where applicable.

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